You can send your donations along with the "payment slip".

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I wish to contribute the sum of € ………………….as a donor member to support projects in India.

If you are resident in France, a tax receipt will be sent to you which will entitle you to a tax reduction of 66%.

 - by cheque payable to Gandhi Education to be sent with the payment slip to the following adress: 3 chemin de Pré Fleuri, 38700 La Tronche, France
 - by annual or monthly bank payment with the following IBAN (don't forget to send us the payment slip):
 FR76 4255 9100 0008 0122 8901 751
100% of your donations are donated to the Indian association Gandhi Seva Ashram to help run the tutoring and educational support centres.

Your donations cover the costs related to the centers:  
- the wages of the teachers who supervise the students ;
- supplies necessary to the operation of the educational centers ;
- support for parents, to help them understand the importance of schooling ;
- the wages of the workers who liaise with the families and tribes and supervise all the activities for the benefit of the children.
All donors become members of the association.
The association is recognized as acting in the public interest. Donations entitle French residents to a tax reduction equivalent to 66% of the payment within the limit of 20% of the taxable income.
For the study of science for the students of local government schools using the Kannada language, the financing concerns for the moment investment costs (purchase of laboratory equipment and soon purchase of means of transport and office space) which are currently covered by Children and Future, an organisation that sets up sponsored trails. Other charitable organisations are currently being approached for further assistance.