Our projects

1 - Reaching 10 tutoring centres

We know from experience that involving parents will be essential to create two new centres. We need to:

- Create a parents’ committee for each centre;
- Find a location and ensure there is a reliable electricity supply
- Find a teacher for each centre ;
- Identify the pupils;
- Procure a minimum of school equipment and books

These two new centres will bring our total number of tutoring centres to 10, supervised by Deodas Shetty, the coordinator, and a social worker as follows:

- Each centre will be visited once a week or every two weeks;
- Quarterly evaluations will be carried out with the participation of parents;
- The social worker will organize some personal development sessions on Saturdays or another day of the week;
- English training sessions will be held each week, with or without television;
- A teachers’ meeting will be held each month.


2 – Expanding tutoring in scientific subjects for the children of a dozen middle schools in Kannada, including the non-caste children and tribes in 15 villages around Kaup over a 3-year period

As was established following the experiment that started in two schools in the end of 2017, staff, equipment and offices are needed in order to significantly develop this scientific teaching method over 3 years, from 2018 to 2020.

Specifically, we need to:

- Hire a teacher experienced in science demonstrations;
- Organise a meeting of science teachers from the schools of the region to involve them in the project or to give them time to think about it;
- Purchase equipment, learning materials and consumables which will be given to the schools ready for the project;
- Purchase textbooks aligned with the children’s level at each school, and subscribe to magazines;
- Set up a schedule of monthly visits to the schools;
- Organise demonstration sessions on how to use the science equipment.

Representatives of the district administration and the education department, public figures, teachers in scientific subjects and press correspondents will be invited to participate in events.

Each year, each school will be required to submit an evaluation report with suggestions for improvements.