Who do we help?

Education for Development, with Gandhi Sevam Ashram, works with the non-caste populations of the Karnataka region in Southwest India. Its goal is to enable the integration of these populations into Indian society. In the district of Udupi, these populations belong to very distinct tribes such as the Koraga, the Kunbi, the Adidravidas, and migrant workers.

- The Koraga: this is one of the Indian tribal populations classified as non-caste. Having settled for several centuries along the south-western coast, they were pushed inland and ostracised from traditional Indian society. The Koragas consider themselves to be worthless people who are despised and exploited.

 - The Kunbi: originally from the state of Goa, these communities have moved since Portuguese colonization. They are a long way behind in terms of education. Work needs to be done to involve families in educational activities. These communities wish to be officially recognised as a tribe in order to benefit from government programmes. 

- The Adidravidas: this community is part of the untouchables. They are landless people who are gradually becoming aware of the importance of education and development. Efforts are being made to get to know them better and engage in dialogue with them, in order to educate them on the importance of education for children.

- Migrant workers: these populations coming from the North emigrated in large numbers to look for work after a great drought. They have settled in makeshift shelters along the roads or in abandoned areas, without water, electricity or toilets. They live in humiliating conditions that pose many problems for children who are highly marginalized and left behind. They are not socially recognized and cannot vote.


While Gandhi Sevam Ashram initially focused on the Koraga tribe, it is now seeking to extend its action to the Kunbi, Adidravidas and migrant workers, all of whom are excluded from Indian society, living in total poverty and indifference.


 "My notion of democracy is that under it the weakest should have the same opportunity as the strongest." - Mahatma Gandhi